National Quilting Day 2021.

Today is National Quilting Day, or is it?!!!!!!

Yes I was confused too!  I think National Quilting Day is always Saturday so it should say March 20th but whoever did the graphic got the day right and date wrong or vice versa.  Anyway whether it was yesterday or today Happy National Quilting Day!  I have some jobs to sort this morning but am hoping this afternoon to get a little bit of quilting done, although it is quite nice outside today so garden jobs make take over and I will do some quilting later in the week!!!  But it doesn’t matter when you quilt, so long as you can get a little bit done. 

It has been “one of those weeks” this week for me.  I think the Universe decides every so often that things are running too smoothly and decides to throw a huge spanner at you, just you know to keep you on your toes or flatten you!!!!!!!  Well it flattened me this week and things did not get done (!) hence today trying to catch up on things.  I am also hoping that next week is going to be a little calmer.  Are  you listening Universe?

I also missed Book Club Friday again (!) so will do a post later today on that. 

Yesterday was also the First Day of Spring when we have equal amounts of daylight and darkness before the evenings start to say lighter for longer.  Today certainly seems like a Spring day, although it is still cool but plants are starting to appear, the birds are busy and today we can see the sun which makes things so much better. 

Have a great Sunday whatever you are up to and a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “National Quilting Day 2021.

  1. farmquilter

    Someone made a mistake!! Oops! Tomorrow is Quilt ‘Til You Wilt at home, where quilters (used to be over 100) from the area came and spent the day sewing together, from 6 AM until midnight. It was fun, with great food from the pot luck lunch to the leftovers for dinner. Every hour had a new technique or fun thing to get you out of your chair. I do miss those, for sure. Hope your week smooths out so you can get some sewing done!

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