That Tuesday Feeling.

For Mother’s Day Youngest bought me the windmill for our garden which lights up at night, I love it.  Eldest bought me the tin of plants which are so bright in the grey of the day.

Last year Clive Cussler passed and you know I love his books.  Latterly he co-wrote his books with different authors and he has been the only one to get this right.  Because of this he was able to release quite a number of books in his various series and I had got behind.  So I made a list of the books I was missing and DH and The Boys have bought me them for Christmas/Birthday.  There were still quite a few so Eldest got the rest of them for me for Mother’s Day!  I was also missing two Stephen King books and he got those for me as well.

My “To Read” shelf is now rather full!  I also forgot (!) that Friday last week should have been Book Club Friday, yesterday should have been Literary Monday!!!  I am doing well NOT at the moment!  I have started a new book last week but with everything else at the moment I am not finding as much time as normal to read, but hopefully by the weekend I will be a little more organised!!!

Also had some sad news today that our good friend, Gordon, whose wife Corinned passed last year, died yesterday.  Nothing to do with Covid and he, like Corinne, had not been well for a while.  They will both be dearly missed by us all

This is Corinne & Gordon in April 2011 playing baseball with us when we stayed at the Castle during our Easter vacation.  It was the day the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge got married and Corinne & Gordon came for lunch with us and after all the festivities it was a beautiful day so we went outside. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “That Tuesday Feeling.

  1. farmquilter

    Ohhhh, new books!!! Now to find time to actually read them!!! Well done, Eldest!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    The Primroses are so cheerful and we love the lighthouse and we know how much you love Clive Cussler. What beautiful gifts! We are so sorry about your friend, Gordon. Hugs♥

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