For #TBT today these pictures are from March 2006 in Scotland of course!!  One of the favourite things of the Boys was to take their bikes, in fact they both learnt to ride without their stabilisers here!  Eldest was ten and Youngest was six.

This is the first time we went down Loch Ness on the boat and we were so lucky to have a beautiful, if cold, day.  At least we saw the sun. 

The Boys after the trip on the boat.

The wake of the boat on Loch Ness.

Almost like glass!

It has not been a good week, one way and another, I have home jobs to do tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to get some quilting done at the weekend.  We are due for rain again and high winds, so March is making itself known on the weather!  Hey ho.  I hope you are all having a better week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    What lovely memories you have of your trips to Scotland!!! Love the pictures! Snowing here today and my two girls are gearing up to deal with a week-long storm that promises amazing snowfall, rain, hail and tornadoes, depending on where you are in the middle of the country!!

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