A Little Bit of Sewing/Quilting.

Even though my wrist has been healing I was able to do a little bit of sewing and quilting over the last couple of weeks.  I got some material to make some new curtains for our kitchen.  Lots of people say you should not have curtains in the kitchen but I like them!

This is the material I chose and it has stags on although the Boys said they look like reindeer!

As you can see they are behind our sink.

I think they look great.  They are a little darker than what we had before but I could not get the same material or anything similar and especially in cotton which can be washed!

These are part of my 2021 Stitching Resolutions Aims.  I also decided to try a different style of quilting rather than the meander that I usually do.   Three are completed and I have two more to finish and then put the bindings on. 

The final two Christmas parcel table mats to quilt and bind.

I also got this small lap quilt sandwiched and quilted and just now need to add the binding to this. 

I have another small quilt to do and bind and then that is quite a few of my UFO’s completed.  I have a King Size quilt which is for Eldest to finish, I need to add another border to it and then quilt and bind it although as it is so huge I am debating whether to send it out for quilting.  I still have a memory quilt to do and I have now been asked to make another quilt which is great, but I still have a few that I want to make for us but we shall see how it all goes. 

Today is Shrove Tuesday so it will be pancakes after dinner.  I have another basket of ironing to get done as well as trying to get mushed marshmellows which are well and truly stuck on, off a hoody and Youngest’s bedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are having a Great Tuesday. 

Hugs & Love, Sussie xx

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sewing/Quilting.

  1. farmquilter

    Since marshmallows are sugar, water and gelatin, won’t soaking the hoody and sheets in warm water, maybe with a little detergent, for 5-10 minutes make it disappear? Your quilting repertoire is expanding and looks great!! It was so cold where daughter #1 lives that a water main froze. No power, no water, super cold temperatures…doesn’t make for a good combo!! Praying neither of my girls have their pipes break! And I hope both the storms heading through us don’t make it to you!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    I’ve always had curtains in my kitchen – for privacy and this time of the year to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Love your quilting work. You always choose such pretty fabrics!

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