Busy Few Days!

It has been a busy few days with work now that everyone seems to be back to work despite the new lockdown!  Today I have been doing home jobs and have some ironing to get done but am hoping to get some quilting done over the weekend. 

This is today and it is great to see after all the rain over the last few days.  It is very cold but that does not matter there is a blue sky and the sun!  I rather thought the sun had left to go on his holidays after all the grey days we have had!  In fact it has been so bad I was even considering of buying one of those light boxes!!!

Even Treacle has enjoyed being out today, wonders will never cease!!!

We also had a lovely surprise through the mail when we received a package from Susan, Tara & Sita, our friends in the US. 

It made it Christmas again.

She sent us some wonderful gifts and we sent out Thank You’s to her.  Here is what she sent.

We have heard about the Girl Scout Cookies and here we get to try them, they are yummy.

Susan always done wonderful work and she sent me this lovely mat I am using on my dressing table and the towel below which is under my machine.

She sent me this lovely shawl and DH the wonderful warm scarf which I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of before he spirited it away.

I love these and need them regularly; a magnet to store or pick up pins which I drop regularly!!!

Treacle got pressies and she loves opening them.

A lovely new red tennis ball.

And a Squeeky platipus which she loves.

Susan sent all of my gifts in this wonderful bag.  The moto is so apt!!!

She also sent me the Reno Gazette Journal Comic pages with Snoopy on! 

We love everything Susan, thank you so much.

We have made it to Friday and we are supposed to get some snow over the weekend again, but they have told us that before.  Because of all the rain lots of areas have severe flooding again and I feel so sorry for those affected by it. 

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you might be up to.  We are not doing anything again because we can’t except jobs at home and as I say hopefully some quilting.  Happy Friday you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Busy Few Days!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    What wonderful gifts from Susan, Tara & Sita! Christmas in January is as wonderful as Christmas in December! What a brilliant idea! Is the girl scout uniform with the badge sash and purse the cookie? It is soooooo cute! Have fun with your new red tennis ball, Treacle!

  2. farmquilter

    So glad you loved Christmas in January!!! Need a picture of you and DH with your scarves/shawls!

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