Tuesday Thoughts!

Yesterday was “Blue Monday” which is the supposed to be the worst day of the year because Christmas is well and truely over, it is a long time to pay day because you were paid early in December and the weather is generally bad.  However I didn’t feel too bad yesterday but today I feel yuck.  We spoke to some friends over the weekend and they said the same thing especially with the lockdown and we are due for heavy rain for the next three days!!!!

I am also finding it hard to come up with new meals for all five of us, that everyone likes and not keep cooking the same meals week in, week out! 

And to add to all of this I am in one of those cycles where I am waking up during the night!  Saturday it was 4.00am, Sunday was 1.00am, then 3.00am and then 5.00am!  This morning was 4.00am again!  By the middle of the day I feel exhausted! 

I think I am going to have to do something over the weekend to shake all this up so I can break this, especially as it looks like we are going to be in Lockdown until at least March!

I really wish I was at the cottage in the Highlands with this view! 

Treacle is helping me being in her basked next to my desk.  One thing is for sure she will not want to be out in all the rain!!!!

I hope you all are having a better Tuesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts!

  1. farmquilter

    The sun is shining here, but it was -2 C when I took the dogs out this morning. I checked your weather for 10 days and only 1 day doesn’t have a chance of rain!! I am so used to living where we have over 300 days of sunshine that I find it difficult to live where the sun shines less frequently! It can be -28 C and the sun will be shining…usually reflecting off the snow! With the new president getting into office tomorrow, I expect lots of lockdowns and new rules about what we can and cannot do. So tired of it all. The survival rate is over 99%…why is everyone so crazy about it? Influenza kills more people annually, along with a plethora of other illnesses and diseases.

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Bummer about all the rain. It can be so depressing. Soup is a great choice! Molly goes out at 2am every morning. I”ve been doing this for almost 4 years now. Sometimes, it’s easy to get back to sleep and sometimes not. I feel for you, Susie.

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