Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.

Yes I know it is a Christmas picture of the Chatsworth Library but I just love it too much not to have it on the blog!!!!!

I showed you this collection of Christmas books which I am reading at this time of the year.  I am currently reading “A Christmas Party” by Georgette Heyer and it is in the style of Agatha Christie.

Joseph Herriard and his wife Maud live in his brother’s, Nathaniel, mansion house Lexham Manor with him.  Joseph is keen to have an old fashioned family Christmas and invites Paula & Stephen, their niece and nephew to come and stay as well as Nathaniel’s business partner Edgar Mottifsont.  Also invited for the festive season is Mathilda Clare a distant cousin of Joseph and Nathaniel, Paula’s friend Willoughby Royden a playwright and the final guest is Stephen’s Fiance Valerie Dean, who Nethaniel hates with a passion.

After a few days of getting the Manor decoarated for Christmas with various help from the guests, Jospeh suggests that Royden reads his play he has written to them and for which he wants Nathaniel to back him with Paula in the leading part!  After the reading everyone goes up to change for drinks in the library before dinner.  They assemble but their host, Nathaniel does not appear.  When they eventually go to find him in his room, they find he has died but how?  The door was locked from the inside?

The Doctor and local Police Inspector are  called who keeps things as they were found for Inspector Heminway of Scotland Yard to take over when he arrives.  He then proceeds to interview the house party and try and work out who did the evil deed, one thing he knows is that the killer is amongst them!


Georgette Hayer was a contemporary of Agatha Christie and wrote quite a few mystery novels, thirteen in total.  She wrote a lot more Historical novels, 40 in fact.  I have not read any of those but will give one of them a go. 

I am half way through A Christmas Party and really enjoying it.  I just love the whole family gather at Christmas and then there is a murder!!!!!!!  You can get it from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. 


Well we have made it through the first week of January virtually unscathed!  I have managed to catch up on work and home stuff so that is one good thing.  Tomorrow I am hoping to do some quilting, sticking to my Aims so far!  We won’t be doing any gardening or anything like that as it is absolutely freezing here today and over the weekend!  I will be hibernating I think, I know Treacle is!!!!

Have a wonderful Winter’s Weekend you lovely lot!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

I am too comfy to move Mom!

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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, I love these kinds of books!! I always try to solve the murder before the detectives do! I remember several times when I was still working that I would get hooked into a book that kept me up until 4 and trying to work on just a few hours sleep!! Sounds like a good one!

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