Joy Then Pain!

Well we knew it might happen after one day over Christmas mixing with relatives and friends, the country will now be paying for it by possibly going into a full lockdown like last March!  This new varient of Covid seems to be running rampant and although it is no more dangerous than last year, it is more easily spread.  So to curb this the PM is due to probably announce tonight another full lockdown!  I know the saying is “no pain, no gain” but it is hard to see, although both the boys have plans of what they want to do if there is another lockdown, they always keep busy whatever is going off!

DH doesn’t know it yet but we will be decorating if we go into another lockdown!!!  Last year we got lots of jobs done, mainly in the garden as previously we had only done the minimum, so it was a good opportunity to get it done.  However we did not get any painting done inside.  So I have ordered some Tester pots to make sure I have the right colours and we will be off!!!  There is a definite benefit to lockdowns!!!

For me the worst bit of Christmas has happened, we have put all the decorations away!  I know it is normally January 6th but that is Wednesday and DH is, well at the moment, at work so we had to do it at the weekend.  I hate putting the decorations away, our home looks so ordinary without them!  I have cleaned our home from top to bottom today, as well as working, and tomorrow I have a basket of ironing to get done and then we are all back up to date!!!  Youngest has two new pieces of bedroom furniture arriving next weekend which is part of his Christmas present so we will be building those then!

Susie’s Aims For 2021!

Now you all know that I don’t do Resolutions, if I did by now I would have broken them or forgetten completely about them!!!!    So I know it is the same but I think by saying Aims takes a bit of the pressure off!  If this year is going to be the same as last year my Aims are going to be centred around home things because I don’t think we wil be doing much else outside so to speak!!!

1.  Quilting – to do some quilting each week and get on with my projects that are waiting to be finished.

2.  Finish the Boys Memory Books and tidy up their keepsakes in the attic.

3.  Sort out the pictures on the computer and put notes with them and also put the several hundred pictures we inherited from our families, that are just in a box into albums!!!

4.  Decorating our home inside and out!

5.  Keep on top with the garden.

There you go, I will keep you up to date with how I am doing on these.  If DH, Girlfriend and the Boys are busy at the weekend with the furniture then I will try and do some quilting then.  Pictures will follow!!!

Have a good first week of January, especially if today was your first day back at work after the Holidays!!!!!

New Year Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Joy Then Pain!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    It sounds like you have a solid plan for the next days, weeks and months, Suzie. Our decorations are down too and we agree, it looks so bare. Will this COVID ever be gone?!

  2. farmquilter

    I’m sorry you are going back into lock down. It seems strange to me that Sweden didn’t really change anything at all for their citizens and their rates of COVID illnesses and deaths are no different from countries that closed everything (except for those islands which immediately locked everything down and never had it invade their countries). The lock downs are certainly killing small businesses like crazy, rates of suicide, alcoholism, drug use, abuse of SO/children are way up…when the rates of suicide are greater in one month than all the COVID deaths from the beginning, it makes me think that Sweden took the right approach. I think lock downs in countries where the citizens are used to the government telling them what to do, they are having an easier time with the restrictions…countries where we expect the government to keep out of our daily lives, it is much more difficult to deal with. Biological warfare (my thinking) from China has totally changed our world, and not for the better. I hope you get all your jobs done at home that you want to do…you are so ambitious!!!

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