A Christmas Light Show.

Because of this year lots of businesses have found enterprising ways to do things to help their income but also make something special at this time of year.  One being Silverstone Race Track, home of the F1 British Grand Prix.  They put on a visit to “Lapland” with lights and displays and where you get to drive round the Grand Prix track and we all went last night, in three cars so the Boys could drive round the track as well.

There were lots of Christmas scenes laid out along the track.

Christmas Trees of course.

They had used the big screens to show Christmas scenes.

All the pit lights and lights around the track were on boosted by lights on stands.

There were lots and lots of lasers.

Water tanks were stacked and lights played along them.

The Grandstands were all lit up.

The new pits and the now renamed Hamilton Straight.  This where they hold the presentation ceremony and it was all decked out with Lewis Hamilton’s car number, 44, the Seven Time World Champion.

The stand opposite the pits and new building being built.

We are on the grid waiting for the lights to turn green!

The final light bars.

The Christmas tree at the entrance/exit.

It was a great night, all covid safe as no one got out of their cars.  Well done Silverstone for bringing some of the Christmas magic to the Christmas holidays. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Light Show.

  1. farmquilter

    What a fun thing to do!!! The decor was fabulous and what fun to drive on a Formula One track!! Of course both the boys needed to drive their own car – they can now say they have driven the Silverstone Track!!! I got to do that when I was dating a guy who drove race cars as a hobby, but I was in his race car – what a blast and I never pushed the car because I am NOT a race car driver!! I know my limits and didn’t want to wreck his car! Perfect thing to do!!!

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