Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have made it!  After the year that we have all had I think it is probably the Christmas miracle that we have got to Christmas!!!!

For those of you who follow my blog may rememeber me talking about this hand whisk which I bought when DH and I first moved in together in 1986!  It has been going strong ever since until today when I was right in the middle of whisking the egg whites and icing sugar for the Christmas cake!  Yes it stopped after I had put the first lot of sugar in and would not go!  It was not repairable either!  SO I used my food mixer to whisk it but it was not as thick as I had wished!!!!!!  I think it just sums up the whole year!!!!

Anyway here is the cake all iced and its Christmas figures on!

Here is the chocolate log done and definitely out of the way of Treacle!

Treacle has been in the thick of it all day “helping”.  Here she is now waiting for her dinner.

Where has the Chocolate Log gone Mom?!!!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve and tomorrow will bring you peace and joy.  Have the most wonderful of times and we shall all see you soon.

Christmas Hugs & Love, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve!

  1. Tami Von Zalez

    I have enjoyed reading your posts this past year.
    Buy a KitchenAid – it will make a huge difference. I found one at thrift for $50 this past year. Thanking the Thrift Gods for blessing me with that find.

  2. farmquilter

    Merry Christmas, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and Treacle!! I hope everyone but Treacle enjoys the chocolate log!! Your baking always looks so beautiful! I’m sorry your hand mixer died on you, but you should be able to find one on sale after Christmas!! Enjoy the holiday together! Love you!!!

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