The Wednesday Wag – on Thursday!!!!!

There is a lot going off at home at the moment.  I have had all of them at home for lots of days and it has been wonderful. There are lots and lots of parcels arriving at the door.  When the doorbell goes I am in a race with Mom to see who can get to the door first, it’s usually me!!!  I have a new quilt in my basket and I love it.  It is so comfy.

My besstie, Molly, has a new header on her blog and we got the picture.  Just look at all that lovely snow, the red tennis balls and the wonderful Christmas scene.  Mom just loves the picture.  They are forecast to have snow this weekend and I will be so jealous!

Molly is wearing her Santa hat and here is a picture of me, a little blurry sorry, with my Santa hat and my tennis ball.  Mom needs to find my hat so I am ready for Santa Paws!

Girlfriend has been visiting Penny and here are some more pictures.  I would love to go and meet her but doggies are not allowed at the stables unfortunately.

All of the Christmas decorations have come out at home and Mom has been busy baking and I have been helping!!!  I do get to try one of all the goodies!

I can’t wait for Christmas, I love opening presents and having all my family at home!!!

Happy Wednesday Wag on Thursday.

Woof, Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag – on Thursday!!!!!

  1. farmquilter

    I hope you get snow soon, Treacle!! You look happy in your bed and we are jealous of your mom baking and sharing with you. Our mom isn’t baking at all (she claims she has nothing to bake in as #3 took most everything out of the kitchen)!! Tara and Sita

  2. Molly the Airedale

    How I wish I could send you snow, Treacle! It’s been coming down sideways for almost 12 hours now and it’s COLD out! Mom took me out at 2am for peepee’s and she could tell that I wanted to spin and dance in the beautiful white stuff but at 2am, she’s no fun! We can’t wait to go outside and play in it after the snowblowing is finished! Love the picture of you in your Santa hat with your tennis ball!

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