We have all been released from self-isolation with none of us having the classic symptoms of Covid!!!  Go figure!  The children are all glad to be back at work and DH and I managed to work all the way through because we work from home anyway, well I do!  DH is normally out and about so it was quite unusual to have him at home!  Treacle of course was in seventh heaven with all of us here.  Captive audience so to speak!

After Treacle had been to the Spa I washed all her beds, towels etc and whilst they were in the washer I put her inner quilt in her basket and she managed to sink into it and looked so comfy.   Anyway we decided not to put her original cover back on and I bought a normal cotton quilt cover and folded it like I did before.  Anyway she absolutely loves it and is so snuggled in it!!!  As you can see above and below!!!

Girlfriend went to see Penny after our self-isolation and here she is “smiling”!  She was so pleased to see Girlfriend after ten days but the stables where she is look after her really well!

I didn’t blog all of last week despite being at home because we were really busy with work.  A lot of customers have decided to move orders up in case there is another Lockdown in January!  Sorry!

I did get some of the baking done.  The Christmas puddings above.

The Christmas Cake above, baked and waiting to be “fed” before marzipan and icing!

Mince pies waiting to go in the oven.

Mince pies out of the oven and cooling.

The welcome sign in our hallway.

A throwback picture to last Christmas and the Library at Chatsworth.  No one is of course able to go this year because of this wretched Covid!

I will get some more pictures of our home when I have tidied up this evening!  You can imagine what it looks like after I have had the Boys at home for ten days!!!!

I have also not forgotten that Friday should have been Book Club Day and I have a few Books for you, so I will do that for this Friday, just a week late but in this year who cares?!!!!

I hope you lovely lot are going to have a great week and all you plans for this different Christmas are going well.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Released!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    How wonderful that you are back! We laughed out loud at Penny’s smile 🙂 and we are so happy that you are being treated like the Princess that you are, Treacle! I have been watching holiday episodes the Great British Bake Off and loving it. It always makes me think of you, Susie!

  2. farmquilter

    So glad you are out of quarantine!! And no one got sick! I heard that the UK halted the vaccine…is that true? Your Christmas baking looks amazing, as usual! I couldn’t bake if I wanted to as my daughter pretty much stripped my kitchen last August – that’s fine with me! I’m looking forward to my daughter and granddaughters being here next week for Christmas.

  3. Carol Andrews

    Susie your post was so much fun to read, from Penny smiling to your beautiful baking! The library at Chatsworth is so inviting I’d love to be walking in to it right now. So happy you are all well. Have the merriest of Christmas! 😉

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