Happy December!

Happy December Everyone and the countdown to Christmas has really begun!  I opened the first door on my Advent calendar this morning to find a present there!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

Girlfriend and I got Youngest’s cake done last night.  I made the cake and rolled out the icing and made the wheels and Girlfriend did the icing on the cake.  It took quite a while but it looks good.  I will show you pictures tomorrow.

Still have quite a bit to do but I am splitting it down to each day rather than trying to get it all done at once.  Still not feeling too hot so am trying to pace myself!  Today it has been sunny for a while which has been so nice as we have not seen the sun for quite a lot of days now.  That of course means that it is very cold but I don’t mind that.  I am hoping that the cold will kill off my cold!

One benefit of not feeling too good is that I am getting to watch quite a few Christmas Hallmark Movies whilst I am doing things around out home!!!  I just love them.  They are all the same story really but I love the Christmas scenes and the snow!!!  One year DH and I will visit the US over Christmas and go visit one of these small towns where it is a cosy, snowy Christmas!!!!!!

Happy December 1st you lovely Lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Happy December!

  1. farmquilter

    Christmas in a place where there is snow is magical!! My memories of childhood are of snow on the ground most of the winter, but I’m sure those memories are quite inaccurate!! A snowy mountain small town would be a perfect place to stay for Christmas!! However, the older I get, the colder I am so a beach with 85 degrees plus sounds good to me!! Hope you get over your cold quickly!!! Looking forward to seeing the cake tomorrow!

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