Here We Go Again!

Well here we go again into a National Lockdown!  Supposedly only for a month from November 5th (now that’s a good day to start here in the UK as it is Bonfire Night!!!) until December 2nd, Youngest’s Birthday!!!!!

The panic buying has already begun in the supermarkets (!) and people are now busy cancelling things!!!  Oh my goodness!  Again!  DH will probably still be working though as we do make essential parts but the Boys are not so sure if they will be able to continue or be furlouged again!  I, of course, will still be working from home as normal for me!!

We had, as always, a busy weekend doing jobs and the Boys were busy with car things and then Saturday night we had a Hallowe’en dinner but no Trick or Treaters this year.  The week was going to be steady but not now the Lockdown is happening on Thursday!  Swimming will not be on either which is just typical, having just said I would finish!!!  Hey ho.

The idea of the lockdown is to try and get the infections under control again so that everyone can spend Christmas with their families and loved ones without restrictions, not sure it is going to happen but who knows.  We will be at home at Christmas as normal so hopefully whatever happens it won’t affect us.  I am, however, planning even more now just in case!!!!

It has been wild and stormy weather over the weekend so no jobs done outside!!!  and the week looks to be more of the same.  It is supposed to get better later in the week and hopefully the weekend too so we can get those last jobs done in the garden. I don’t think we will get many more weekends of good weather which will make this new Lockdown harder as we will all be inside!!!  I think I need to go and get some paint and get everyone helping me with decoarating some rooms before Christmas!!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and a good week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m sorry you are going through lock down again. Depending on who wins our presidential election tomorrow whether we will get hit with that again. I hope the boys are able to keep working…so hard when they can’t. Hope your weather cooperates!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    The lock downs are so awful and with the holidays coming, who knows what is going to happen. We have a very windy day with cool temps. We will see warmer temps later in the week. We are hoping that the wind blows lot of leaves off the trees so we can get them raked up before the temps turn REALLY cold.

  3. Tami Von Zalez

    I am sorry to hear you have to go into lockdown again. Since I have been working remotely since March, California, at least in my remote county is in great shape. Since I am a reseller on ebay, I have been buying like there is no tomorrow. People continue to declutter and I continue to buy their stuff. Vintage cookbooks, in particular, sell quickly.

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