The Wednesday Wag.

I have been waiting for my clean quilt outer to be put back, but I really do like my basket without the outer!!! It is very comfy and warm. The weather has been really yuck over the last few days with lots of rain and very cool temperatures, just after I have had my Airecut of course. Mom says at least it is easier to dry me now with less fluff!!

I also have a new bed upstairs in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. My basket up there was slightly smaller than my one downstairs and although I have the same inner it is not as comfy, so Mom bought me a new one which has a memory foam inner.

I do like it, but Mom and Dad’s bed is better!!!! They are going away for the weekend this week, so I will get their bed all to myself!!!

We were hoping to have good weekend weather soon as Mom and Dad want to go on a longer walk, but so far the weather is not co-operating!!! After this weekend hopefully we will get at least one weekend of good weather before it gets worse. Mom thinks that this Winter is going to be horrendous, based upon how the rest of the year has been!!! I don’t mind if it is snow, just not the rain!!!

I do hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Today is going to be lovely here with temps near 80, but will drop to the 20’s Thursday night so we will get a hard freeze…mom has to turn off and drain the automatic sprinklers so we won’t have to deal with wet grass in the mornings of watering days. With it colder at night we get the heating on and we do like the vents with that warm air when we come in with our legs wet! Stay comfy in your new bed, Tara & Sita

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