October’s Here.

September has left us and October is here and it has turned cold and lots of rain!  Treacle is not happy as the door into the garden has been shut most of the day!

Whilst we were away there was a water leak from heavy rain into our Den where I work, so the roof man came today to have a look and see what needs doing.  He is hoping that it will only need a little bit of sorting out and not a whole new roof, which was my worry!

Our entrance today looks like the post office!  Eldest has been ordering things as it is Fiance’s Birthday on Monday and Youngest has been ordering things for his car!  SO I have spent the day answering the door!!!!!

Tomorrow will be house jobs day and we also have to go and see our Accountant in the afternoon for the business.  The weekend is due to be wet again, so I think it will be indoor jobs!!!!

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “October’s Here.

  1. farmquilter

    I also hope your roof just needs a bit of a patch! My daughter’s house needs the whole roof replaced and that’s not something she can do so it will be a huge expense. The joys of home ownership!!! Poor Treacle, the summer warm has fled as has her free access to the garden! We won’t be seeing wet weather for months, unfortunately as we need it! Maybe some sewing time??


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