Susie’s Friday Book Club for September on Monday!

I didn’t do Book Club on Friday as it was September 11th.  So just a few days over here is September’s Book Club Book.

Those of you who read my Blog regularly know I am a huge fan of Clive Cussler and since his passing I have, for various gift giving occasionsn asked for the books I have missing from the collection.  So for my Birthday DH and the Boys bought me a few of them.  One of which was the above.

His books are rolling adventures which keep you turning the pages until the end and this one is just the same.  Kurt Austin and his crew are trying to stop a meglomaniac destroying all the oil wells in the world so that the only option left is to use their business of green energy to replace the destroyed wells.  Some new characters are also introduced in the book from NUMA Headquarters as well as all your favourite ones.

His books always make me want to join NUMA, like I always wished I had gone to Hogwarts for school, if only!  I think you very rarely find authors where you like all the books they have written but in Mr Cussler case I have.  I love Stephen King books but I have never been able to get into reading “The Dark Tower” series, for some reason I just don’t like them. 

Anyway if you need another book for your “To Read” shelf then you can add this one, I loved it.

I hope you are having a great Monday and will have a wonderful week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Susie’s Friday Book Club for September on Monday!

  1. farmquilter

    I also love Clive Cussler, but some of the books that have a co-author fall far short, in my opinion. I don’t remember reading any with Brown as co-author, so I’ll have to give him a try! Hope the weather is cooperating so you can get your work done in the garden!! Here the smoke from the fires is so bad that my grass hasn’t been mowed in 3 weeks because it is dangerous for anyone to be out in the smoke for that long!! The west is burning, the south is getting hurricanes and the east coast is getting so much rain! Makes me wish I was in Hawaii!!!

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