Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.

We are back. Well we have been back actually a week (it seems like months already!) but it has taken me that week to get up to date with business work, home jobs and all the laundry!!!

To add insult to injury WordPress, in their infinte wisdom, have changed how we write our posts AGAIN!  And I really don’t have the time or energy to sort it out at the moment.  I really do wish they would leave things alone.  When I complained they came up with “well we can’t run all the browsers everyone wants, and we have to do it blah blah blah”!!!!  Hmm just an excuse as far as I am concerned!!!

We had a lovely time on our vacation although it flew by.  Youngest and Girlfriend came up for a few days and we did some of the tourist bits with them but it was so not the same as we were all social distancing and wearing face masks everywhere, which I know is for our and everyone else’s safety but oh I am so over it!!!!!

Anyway here are some pictures of our trip:

Our view from the cottage and the cows came to visit us, with the babies of this year who were extremely nosy!!!!

The deer also came for a visit one day.

We took Girlfriend on the Loch Ness Cruise although the weather was not as good that day.

It was quite a mild day but the mist was down. Glen Urquhart Castle The Boys always loved to visit the Moray Motor Museum which is run by some fantastic volunteers and all the cars are actually brought out and used in events, unfortunately of course not this year.  Anyway we went to visit.

Old delivery bicycles.  DH’s family had one very similar for delivering meat! DH, Youngest and Girlfriend taking pictures. An old garage set up, although not much different to today really. A Jaguar which Youngest was very interested in as he works for Jaguar Land Rover.  When the gentelman on duty found out where he worked, he said he had a few jobs for him to do!

We also had lots of days in at the cottage as it is out of the way of everywhere and everyone so it was great.  The silence there is actually defeaning and I sat outside quite a few days reading my book.

The sunset the night before we left.

I know I missed our monthly Book Club for August, I was not organised this year, but will be back next week for our September one.

I did get a bit of quilting done whilst we were away and now need to actually do the quilting.  I made a few and got some tops completed so now need to get them quilted.  I am trying to finish one or two things at home so am trying to spread my time out.

We have just had our last long weekend until Christmas here in the UK and DH and the Boys spent the days outside playing with the cars!!!  Eldest was fitting a new system to his car so the other two were helping!!!!!  I was still getting our home sorted and all the laundry done!!!!

The second week we were away the swimmers got back into the pools.  So DH and I also spent all of last week in the evenings at swimming.  They are do really well with the social distancing, although they do forget occasionally but soon distance again and they are so pleased to be back in the water and the parents are very grateful for all the paperwork we have done to get them back in.  I just wonder how long we will have to put up with all the restrictions before we go back to normal?

Anyway I will be back to posting every day now, and I will have to try and get my head around this new post writer and try and work out how I add images to it and also get the font this colour and not be shaded!!!

I hope you lovely lot are all well and had a great summer, I cannot believe it is September already.

Hugs & Love Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    It’s so nice to have you back, Susie! Your pictures are so beautiful and your vacation sounds relaxing – and as it should be. Love the antique cars and that sunset – oh my goodness – stunning! Blogger has changed the way we compose posts too. I”m getting the hang of it but the double-spacing is making me nuts!

  2. farmquilter

    So glad you had an enjoyable vacation!!! I was wondering if you were overwhelmed last week…I know I certainly was!! Nice to have you home again!

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