For #TBT this is from nine years ago.  Eldest was moving from Senior School into Lower Sixth to do his A’Levels and Youngest was moving from Primary School to Senior School.  Eldest was 15 and Youngest was 11.  As it was a big year for them we went down to London for the week as a celebration, after the Schools had broken up for the summer holidays in July. 

One of the places you can visit during the summer, as the Queen is in Residence at her holiday home in Scotland, you can tour Buckinham Palace, which we did.  It was great to see all the rooms you usually see on TV and I also got to see the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress which was on display from their wedding in the April.


DH and The Boys outside the gates to Buckingham Palace.


We took them for Afternoon Tea at The Ritz.


The Palace, it was a very warm week weather wise!


The State Coach used by Her Majesty on big occasions.

We also went to a few of the museums, which we had been to before, The Natural History museum being their favourite, the British Library and also did a bit of shopping too.  We had a great week and something the Boys still talk about today!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone, Friday tomorrow!!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. farmquilter

    I went to Buckingham Palace when I was in London…quite amazing. The paintings are what stood out to me…so huge and hung practically from floor to ceiling on every available square inch of space! Went to Windsor as well. Fun trip! What else did you do in London?? Eldest looks quite relaxed at tea time, Youngest looks a bit apprehensive!! Love them in their jackets and ties…boys their age never dress like that here!! They look so smart!


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