Almost but not Quite!


We almost, but not quite, got the Spring Cleaning finished at the weekend!!!  We only had the dining room, sitting room, laundry, downstairs bathroom and kitchen to do and we were doing okay until DH had to go out and get some parts which were ready earlier than normal!!  That meant we lost a day so Saturday and Sunday we got the dining room and sitting room done so I am going to do the rest this week!!!  We are still in Lockdown so it is not really a hardship to do it in between working!!!!

The weather was quite strange over the weekend too; it rained all day Saturday and was realllllly cold!!!  Sunday it was bright sunshine but not that warm.  Today it has been lovely and sunny again and a bit warmer and over the week it is going to get warmer again!!!  I think that at least with the sunshine out it is making this Lockdown feel a little bit easier!!


Here is your Daily Treacle!  She is sat outside Eldest’s room waiting for him to get up!!! 

I got up with DH this morning at 4.45am and got my work done and then started some of the cleaning jobs!!  I have managed to get all the pots out of the dresser in the dining room run through the dishwasher and those that can’t go in I have hand washed.  When Eldest was up and had breakfast he cleaned all the silver, brass and copper for me so another job off the list!!!!  The laundry and downstairs bathroom will be easy to do but the kitchen always seems to take the longest to do!!!!

We are keeping up with the garden and doing odd bits here and there and some of the seeds I have planted are growing!!!  DH and Eldest are going to tidy the garage at the weekend and then we have to just tidy the attic!!!  We cleared it out this time last year and it just needs a quick tidy up.  I always take our vacuum cleaner up there and get the cobwebs up and any creepy crawlies I find!!!

I only then have to wash three pairs of curtains and some cushion covers and get them out on the line at the end of the week when it is warm and it will then all be done!!!  I don’t think I have ever got all my jobs done this early in the year ever, so in that sense the Lockdown has done me a favour!!!!  Of course I can always find other jobs, some of the rooms could do with decorating but we don’t have the paint for that but maybe we can get those done later in the year!!!!!!! 🙂

When I have finished the cleaning this week I will then get my quilting out and take some pictures to show you what I am up to.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Stay Safe.  Hugs & Love Susie xxx

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  1. farmquilter

    You have been busy!!! The weather is definitely weird…winter doesn’t want to let go! Awful storms in the southern United States had loaded tornadoes and flooding on top of the virus. I made masks for Daughter #3 and I’ll be mailing those out today. Guess I need to get a move-on!! Have the men been able to do anything further with the front drive?

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