Tuesday Week 4 of Lockdown.

Here we are in Week 4 of Lockdown and the day after the Easter break.  This past weekend the weather here in Derbyshire was amazing and so we spent a lot of it in the garden getting those final jobs we have put off for a while done as well as more tidying and planting seeds for summer.


All the trees coming into bud.


We sorted this border at the front of the garden above and also planted some seeds.


This is the border on the other side and we have cleared  the space for some new herb plants, the old ones had not done very well over winter so I have planted some seeds and hopefully they will come up.


With the few days of warm weather everything has started to come awake and now looks very green. 



Eldest was helping and one of his favourite jobs is to pressure wash the patio stones. The above is what they look like before they are washed.


The above is what they look like when they have been done!!!!


The effect is very bright!!! 


The afternoon sun just disappearing behind the trees and the white of our Cherry Tree in full blossom.

I did still decorate for Easter, although it was only the three of us as Youngest is with Girlfriend as they are having to look after her horse, Simon, every day.


Our Easter Table.


This is new this year, bought before the Lockdown (!), an Easter Tree with eggs on although Eldest says it is a Christmas tree!!!  I like it as it has little lights on it!!!!


Some Happy Daffodils for Easter.

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK although that does not mean much at the moment as we are all in Lockdown anyway.  The weather dropped 10°c from 20°c on Sunday to 10°c yesterday which was a bit of a shock to the system!!!  However I did get the Boys’ rooms and the main bathroom Spring Cleaned yesterday!  Four down, six to go!!!  I am hoping to get the rest done this week and next weekend and then I have a few more little jobs to get done.

I am also going to get my quilting sorted and have a go at sewing at my desk as before, I will take pictures and let you know how it goes!!! 

They say they are going to review the Lockdown at the end of this week depending upon how the figures are from the hospitals etc so we shall see, although there is some worry now that the general public will be worried about going out, not to work of course, but social things and shopping and I must say I would be a little wary until we definitely know how things are going!!!!  We shall see.

Stay Safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Week 4 of Lockdown.

  1. farmquilter

    What a lovely Easter you had!! Love your decorations! Your garden is looking fabulous and so green! I’ll be turning on the sprinkler system for the grass here today. We aren’t supposed to have any more hard freezes here, but this morning it was 29F! I did mow the lawn yesterday – the dandelions are running rampant, so I hope the bees are happy with that! As soon as the bees have more flower options, I’ll see what I can do to get rid of the dandelions!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Your gardens are looking so pretty and mom is wishing that she had a clothesline here and we see you looking longingly at your tennis ball, Treacle. Are you waiting for your mom to throw it☺
    What a difference washing the patio stones makes! Love your Easter tree with the lights! Lights make everything more festive and your decorations are all so pretty!

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