The Wednesday Wag, Lockdown Wk 2.


I honestly don’t know if I am coming or going at the moment!  All my family are at home a lot more than normal but then Dad and Eldest were out yesterday as they were delivering essential parts so it was just Mom and I.  Then Dad has gone out today to work as normal and it is just Mom and Eldest and yesterday Youngest and Girlfriend arrived to collect some things and then they left!!!  I just don’t understand at all!!!

I just settle down for a snooze when some job is started either outside or in!!!  I have also seen Mom getting her cleaning things out so I think we are going to have one of those big cleaning days!!!!!  Oh boy I will definitely be staying out of the way especially if the vacuum cleaner is out!!!


Long walks are off the agenda at the moment as well as we are only allowed out for an hour at a time, so it is a quick walk around the block and back home!!!  If we meet anyone we cross over so we don’t walk past them and shout hello at them!!!!  IT is a very strange reality at the moment.

Mom says that if the Lockdown stays in place for a while she will have to get the clippers out and give me a spa day at home!!! I will definitely be hiding then especially if she also mentions the dreaded word “Bath”!!!!!


They have also been busy in the garden and all the trees they have cut down have now gone.  They say that they are going to be working in the garden again at the weekend which is great fun as I get to play ball all the time!!!

I hope you doggies out there are all staying safe with your hoomans, keep woofing.

Treacle xx


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag, Lockdown Wk 2.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Hopefully, you can avoid the bath and clippers, Treacle. Mom tells me that I will be getting a bath tomorrow morning and I will be on the grooming table on Friday morning. The weather peeps are telling us that temps will be going up into the 60’s F next week and I will have less furs by then.

  2. farmquilter

    If you were here, Treacle, you would be keeping your coat a while longer since we are expecting snow again this weekend! Both Tara and Hunter are always looking for the sunshine to lay in, but that only lasts the morning, so they are currently snoozing in their beds. Tara has to protect her gingerbread man from Hunter, as she appears to like to collect softies!! Tara is not amused! Nice to have the family at home more.

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