Good grief it’s Monday already?!!!!  Where do the weekends go?  DH and I were supposed to go to the cinema on Friday evening but by the time everyone was back from work, Youngest walked in after a week away training with a suitcase full of washing and I had done dinner and the washing and ironing it was late!!!! 

Saturday morning we were due to go out and DH started a job putting a new disc in my computer which we use for business.  It was a five minute job which turned into two hours!!!!!!  We did go out eventually but didn’t get all the jobs done!!!  We went to our friends home for dinner in the evening and had a lovely time.

Sunday morning was actually sunny although cool but we managed to get out in the garden and do some tidying and also get everything put back.  Our neighbours had their conservatory replaced so needed to come around our side to do some of the work so we emptied our little shed and put everything in the Boys den.  So we swept the shed out and then put all the garden tools back in the shed and also had a tidy up as well.  To get all the tools out of the Boys den we had to get the patio furniture out so that is now out.  Normally we would not get it out this early but it is a good thing because if we get a nice warm day we can re-stain it all.  I will have a few pictures tomorrow hopefully!

Following on from our big attic tidy last year, DH and Youngest got Eldest’s memory boxes out for me to go through and tidy and get their memory books up to date.  Once I have done his Youngest’s will come out and I will sort them out as well.  Still have a few things to tidy up in the attic but it is so much better than it was.  The garage is an ongoing project especially as DH and the Boys are constantly putting things in it and re-arranging things!!!!  At the moment there is a car engine on a stand in the middle of the garage which both Boys are working on!!!!


Treacle enjoyed the morning outside!

We have a busy week with work but are having a day off on Thursday to go and see Girlfriend’s dog, Ralphy, who has got into Crufts!!!!  So I will be taking my camera and will have pictures to show you. 

I hope you are having a good Monday and a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Your garden always looks lovely!! What is Crufts?? Some of us are obviously not in-the-know!! I hope this week is productive for you so you can feel as though you are caught up!!

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