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I read in the Daily Telegraph the other day one of those reports on a “Study” done my some professors!!!  Their conclusion was that the vast majority of women these days were suffering from weak bladders because we sit down a lot!!!!  Their conclusion was that we should not sit down for longer than 18 minutes a day!!!  Do these people live in the real world?  A lot of jobs which women do, tend to involve sitting for a good portion of the day, like myself as a Secretary.  How do they suggest we do our jobs without sitting?  Yes I know there are those stand up desks but not very practical. 

However what I don’t think they have taken into consideration is in the last twenty years or so we have been encouraged, again by those in the health sector, to drink lots more water a day!  What is it now two litres a day? As well as our normal drinks ie tea!  Don’t they think that this may have had some impact on this subject?  I remember my mother and grandmother who would drink cups of tea during the day; one at breakfast, one mid morning, one at lunch, one in the afternoon, one at dinner and possibly one in the evening.  They were pefectly healthy and hydrated and did not have an issue with weak bladders and my mother was a clerical officer who spent a lot of time sitting at her job!!!!! 

There will no doubt be another result of a study next year with a completely different finding!!!!  Perhaps I should not be reading the news!!!!!!!!



When I lived at home we always had milk delivered to our doorstep by our milkman from the Co-Op in glass bottles.  Once used we would wash the bottles and put them out for the milkman to collect and they would go back to the dairy for re-filling!  Fast forward thirty years and they started delivering milk in plastic containers which can be recycled but it just seems a waste. 

Anyway when our milkman retired we decided to get our milk from the local farm in the next village who have the cows on the farm and they are milked there and the milk is then put into the plastic containers but still delivered to our doorstep each morning.  Well the end of last year they have started to use glass bottles and when they are washed and returned, are refilled and delivered again!!!! Amazing isn’t it!!!!!!  Something which was originally done since the 1920s’ is not being done again because it is much better for the environment!!!!  Good riddence to the plastic containers and I can actually say the milk lasts longer in the glass bottles than the plastic ones!!!!


PS My water glass in the background!!!!!



#TBT This was the snow this time of year 2018!!!!  So alot more that we had this week!!!  As you can see Treacle was loving it!!!!!


Home jobs to do today and grocery shopping tomorrow.  DH will be home tonight after the exhibition and then he is busy all weekend at the county swimming championships announcing.  I am going to get my sewing organised over the weekend and a few other jobs I want to get done.  The weather is supposed to be gales and lots of rain so definitely a weekend to stay warm in doors.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts!

  1. farmquilter

    I remember getting our milk delivered in glass bottles!! I have 2 milk bottles from my childhood from the local dairy. When I come for a visit, I’ll have to buy a bottle from them to add to my collection. I had milk delivered back when my kids were young…even though it was a little more expensive, I wasn’t running to the grocery store twice a week and buy extra stuff I really didn’t need, so it ended up saving us money. Love the milk in bottles!! If we are to only sit for 18 minutes a day, then I guess we are to stand while we are eating, right? I think you are more accurate in your assessment then the “study” is – I know I drink more than 2 liters of water a day and my trips to the loo reflect that!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Eighteen minutes is just not long enough! Shall we read books or watch TV standing up?! I think not and what about sewing and knitting?! I remember getting milk from the milkman in glass bottles. My mom bought many dairy products from the milkman including ice cream.
    We have had too much rain this week and we’re missing walkies. Imagine if it could be snow!

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