2020 Oh What A Start!

We had a rocky start to 2020 and sorry for no posts!!!  New Year’s Eve we were at a friends home for dinner and to celebrate New Year and it was a lovely evening.  The Boys were both busy with their Ladies but we all got together on New Year’s Day! 

On the Saturday and Sunday following New Year it was the swimming club’s Open and there had been traumas about whether it would happen as someone on the staff on Christmas Eve had left the drain open and the pool had emptied all the water!  This may now sound like a big issue until I tell you that it takes a week to fill and then several days for the levels to be sorted and for it to heat!  Anyway the Leisure Centre managed it and we were there for the events.  However DH was not well and the gland which came up a year ago when we were on holiday was swollen again.

By the Monday morning he looked like he had three of Treacle’s tennis balls around his neck!  We got him into the Doctors who said it was an infection and gave him medicine.  He then had to go back in the evening to have his neck dressed!!!  Tuesday Treacle was ill!  She went to her Doctors and there was a bug going around in the dog and cat population so she had tablets!  Eldest is still off with his shoulder and is at the Hospital today for an MRI! Now DH has a cold! 

We also managed to go down from five cars to none as DH was at work, Eldest’s car needed some repairs and an MOT, Youngest car also needed some repairs so he had mine and Girlfriend had hers so I was left without transport for two weeks!

I am REALLY hoping that this is not going to be the trend for this year!!!!!

Anyway here are some more pictures of Christmas. 


Girlfriend & Youngest Christmas morning!


Treacle Christmas morning.


Fiancé and Eldest Christmas afternoon.


Any more Presents Mom?




My very good friend Susan in Washington sent us some wonderful gifts.  Here is Treacle with her new lead made by Susan’s Daughter.  It is nice and long and glows in the dark too. 


Susan also sent me some lovely quilty gifts and this wonderful calendar for the year and Tom some very useful torches for his Truck.


A new bag and planner.


A Christmas Dreamcatcher


Some wonderful quilting things.  The tray is magnet and will help me from constantly dropping pins.


She also made me this wonderful table runner which is now in our dining room.


We also received some wonderful gifts from Sue and Molly in New York.


As you know Treacle loves opening presents.


Sue and Molly know how much we love Snoopy and sent Treacle a lovely new Snoopy Collar.


She also sent Treacle a softy Snoopy which she loves.  I was hard pushed to give it to her but I do have a cuddly Snoopy too.  Treacle loves her new softy.


Sue and Molly also sent Treacle some of Molly’s favourite treats and this wonderful woolly of an Airedale running.  Sue does some wonderful work and it is now next to the mat she made for me with an Airedale on that too.


I also got some lovely chocolates.


I have sent emails to Susan and Sue & Molly to thank them so much for my wonderful gifts.  We all had a really lovely Chirstmas & New Year.

I also know I did not get around to doing Book Club last week so will try and sort that out for tomorrow.  Friday DH, Youngest, Girlfriend and I are off to London for the weekend so more pictures next week.  Eldest decided to stay at home and look after Treacle for us.   

I hope your start to January was a little easier than mine!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “2020 Oh What A Start!

  1. farmquilter

    You have had a years worth of drama in just 2 weeks!!! I do believe your quota has been met and the year needs to improve!! I’m glad you enjoyed everything at Christmas. I hope the MRI results come back quickly and Eldest can get his shoulder fixed soon…those slings are miserable!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    What wonderful gifts you got! Love the table runner that Susan made and that’s a beautiful new leash for you, Treacle, and we’re happy that you loved our pressies too. How awful to have the pool totally drain at the most inopportune time! We sure hope 2020 turns itself around for you and in a hurry!

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