Stitch & Gift It Blog Hop Day 3.

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We are half way through the Blog Hop and I have found so many new projects to have a go at from the lovely ladies who have hopped already.  Here are the Ladies who are hopping today:

Wednesday, November 13th


Pampered Pettit

Mary Mack Made Mine

The Quilted Snail

Days Filled With Joy

Melva Loves Scraps


The problem is that my “To Do” list is getting longer and longer!!!!!  DH is at this conference today and tomorrow so I will have lots of work to do and also I am trying to fit in getting more Christmas jobs done.  Today I will be steaming the Christmas pudding.  Still need to make the mince pies and all the other goodies that DH and the Boys love.  I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by at the moment. 

Today we have a bright, sunny but cool day but tomorrow it is forecast for heavy rain again with the possibilty of more flooding.  I think we could do with a few weeks of dry weather to try and get everything sorted.  Although we live on a Hill the garden has taken a battering and we could really do with some dry weather to try and tidy it up.  Treacle is also fed up with the wet weather as she absolutly hates being dried every time we come in!!!! 


This was this afternoon,  As you can see she is taking advantage of the wet weather by snoozing in her basket next to my desk!!! 

Have fun Hopping today.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Stitch & Gift It Blog Hop Day 3.

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle as the right idea – that kind of weather is perfect for sleeping all day!! Too bad you can’t join her!! I hope you dry out soon. Our weather isn’t bad – almost 70 is expected today, but most the the country here is heading for the deep freeze!! Crazy when Alaska is warmer than Florida!!!

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