Monday Again?


We put our clocks back at the weekend and usually I love gaining that hour back, although this year it doesn’t seem to have had the same effect.  Probably because we were up very early Saturday and Sunday just gone!!!  DH was announcing all day Sunday and I spent the whole day doing jobs and instead of quilting, tiding the sewing room!!!!!

Next weekend he is out all weekend at another swimming event so I will Definitely be quilting then!!!


I have also been getting on with various food prep for Christmas.  Today I have made the Christmas Chutney from a recipe by Delia Smith and tomorrow I will be getting the Christmas puddings made as they have to steam for eight hours each. 


I also have mince pies to make and usually make around 60 and freeze them but I always have to make a few extra so DH and the Boys can eat them straight away.  Then it will be the Christmas cookies, again for the freezer and a few for the tin and finally the sausuage rolls and cheesy stars!  Cheesy stars are really easy and go great as a snack or if you are having a drinks party.  I used to make lots of them and the Boys would take them in their lunch boxes to school near Christmas and I would get requests from their friends for them!!!!

I have sorted out all the Birthday presents I need between now and Christmas and am now onto my Christmas list.  I have already bought a few presents that needed to be ordered and have stashed them away and my good friend, Jayne, and I are going Christmas shopping on November 5th.  We have done this for quite a few years now and it is a day I love, it is very social and we get to catch up on all our families news as well as getting Christmas shopping done and of course having lunch!!!  I will show you the parcels when they are all wrapped.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good week ahead.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Monday Again?

  1. farmquilter

    What is in mince pies? What size pies are you making if you make 60 of them?? I would need several freezers dedicated just to them if they are the size I’m imagining!! You are so busy all the time…and so ahead of the game when it comes to getting ready for Christmas!! It is quite the non-holiday here with my dad. None of my kids will be able to make it here and he can’t eat 99% of the things I would usually make for Christmas.

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Your home must be smelling wonderful, Miss Susie! Our clocks go back this coming weekend. It used to be the same weekend as yours which made a lot of sense to me so it could get the trick or treaters out earlier. Who knows why they prolonged it by a week. They didn’t ask my opinion. LOL

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