How Your Week Can Go Awry!


You think your whole week is going well and have things planned and then I get a call from Eldest on Tuesday at around 5.30pm  he does not feel well.  This has been going on since June and he has been going to our GP and the Hospital for tests and scans with no real answers.  It started with a sharp pain in this stomach from which he could not stand up straight.  After all the tests they thought me might have a grumbling appendix but that was it.  Anyway Tuesday evening it was as bad as the first time, so I collected him and took him straight to A&E.

We arrived at 6.00pm and got booked in, they took more bloods and gave him some painkillers and then we had to wait.  The results were his white blood cells were up which meant it could be an infection, he then went to see one of the A&E Doctors who then sent him for x-rays and then we had to wait to see the Surgeon.  By which time DH had arrived at the hospital and it was getting on for 11.00pm.  The Surgeon he needed to see was in surgery and he saw another surgeon who did not think it was his appendix, however when the other surgeon appeared she said she thought it was and admitted him to hospital and she said he would have his appendix removed whatever!

By the time he was on the Ward and we left it was 3.00am and DH and I had not eaten so ended up at McDonalds.  We got to bed at 4.00am and got up again at 7.00am.  Of course things are never simple!  Treacle was booked in for a Spa Day on Wednesday so we took her, then went to collect Fiancé for DH to drop her and I at the hospital for him to then drive back and get Treacle and take her home!

We got to the Hospital at 10.30am and decided to go up to the big Restaurant for something to eat which is on the fifth floor but were then called down to Theatre Reception to see Eldest on the second floor, however by the time we got there which was 11.00am he had gone into theatre!!!  So back we went to the fifth floor, had lunch and waited there until 2.00pm.  We were then told which Ward he was going to but by the time we got there he was still in Recovery.  We went for more cups of tea and got back to the Ward at 3.00pm and he was still not back, however by 4.00pm he was on the Ward all done. 

The surgeons were not sure what it was when he first went through, but when they went in his appendix was very inflamed and ready to burst so they took it out and immediately after the pain had all gone.  They did the operation by keyhole surgery so he has three little lines. 

We left him yesterday evening at 8.00pm after he had had some dinner and although he was sore it was so much better than the pain.  I went back this morning for visiting which begins at 11.00am and then stayed with him all day until he was released this afternoon, so I could bring him home.

Of course nothing is ever simple with our family as he and Fiancé are due to fly to New York next Tuesday for their first holiday in six years!!!!!  However as it was keyhole surgery the Surgeon has given him permission to fly and a letter to say he can fly for his travel insurance!!!!

DH and I are running on empty at the moment with our sleep all over the place and Treacle has no clue what day it is.  Last night when we got home it was 9.00pm, we quickly had something small to eat and went straight to bed.  When we said bed to Treacle she looked at us as if to say “What?” but eventually came up to her basket in our room!!!  She has been on her own all day today as well which is unusal as I am normally with her all day, so she was very pleased to see us when we got back at 7.00pm tonight!!!

We are all so relieved that it was his appendix as we were worried that when they did the Op they would find the appendix was okay and so there would be no answer as to why he had this pain. 

I have to run him about again tomorrow to his work to take in his sick note and to sort out things for their trip and as you can imagine I have a great deal of work to get on with being out for three days as well as home jobs but that all fades into the background now we know Eldest is all fine.  I will catch up at the weekend. 

I hope your week has been okay!

Hugs, Susie xx


5 thoughts on “How Your Week Can Go Awry!

  1. farmquilter

    Wow, your week really did go sideways!! I’m glad they were able to take the angry appendix out AND that Eldest will be allowed to travel for his holiday. A blogging friend in Australia had to take her hubby to hospital this week as well…he was chewed on by a neighbors dog while rescuing their chicken from the dog. Good thing he was at home when it went crazy…and I hope his travel insurance (something I have NEVER had) will cover any medical here…since you are not used to getting medical bills, our would give you heart failure!! One of m quilting friends (the one who hosted me when I was in England) had a heart attack last winter when she was visiting Florida. I hope she had travel insurance. Guess I’ll be looking at getting that for when I travel now!!

  2. Judy

    I’m glad your son is ok and he had surgery before anything worse happened. Hoe he recovers quickly and has a great trip to New York.

  3. Judy

    That was supposed to be hope not hoe. I’m typing on my phone and it’s always a little more difficult.

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