Retro Event.

DH and I did the Retro Event on Saturday evening and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, although it was completely different to other events we do as they were there to play the retro arcade games!


The event was held at the Old Library in the centre of Derby, which sadly closed a year or so ago and the books were moved into the Council House.  However they are now using the space for these types of events and is now part of the Derby Museums.


This is two sides of the ceiling and sky light in the centre of the Library.


The door onto the balcony.  Sadly they have not kept books on these shelves which I think would have been a better idea but hey ho!


The sky light.


One of the old book cases.


Everything ready and set up.  As the games were mostly from the 80’s we took all the old 45rpm singles which you can see at the back on the left!  They weren’t too bad.


DH checking the lights!

We finished at 11.00pm and then cleared up so got home at 1.00am having had something to eat on the way home!!!  It was a long night but good fun.

Yesterday we spent tidying up the equipment and going through the singles as well so it is all very tidy now but we didn’t get much else done!!!!! 

And so we begin another week(!)  The dryer is still playing up so the engineer is coming back tomorrow again(!) DH is out at a swimming meeting tonight(!)  Eldest and Youngest are both down in Milton Keynes this week training (!) and I have lots of work to do and some home jobs too!!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Retro Event.

  1. farmquilter

    Your old library is beautiful!! I’m sorry it still isn’t a library, but with everyone reading on electronic devices these days, I guess I understand. I’m glad they have the books available at the Council House. Dad is still enjoying the book on Glamis Castle – he reads it when he’s eating dinner! I remember playing Pacman and Space Invaders…lousy at both of them! I hope you have a bit of time alone to sew this week!!

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