The World Gone Mad!


The above picture just about sums up our Politicians on both sides of the Houses of Parliament at the moment including The Speaker!  In fact their behaviour over the last few months and in particular the last few weeks has been more like a Monty Python Sketch than elected officials!  I would say that the Reception Class at our Village School are better behaved than this lot!


I really try very hard to avoid the news but the bits I do see I can honestly say I am ashamed of how people in my Country are behaving..  Also all the other news where people are having a go at each for no reason, country leaders are accusing others of all and sundry and every day we have someone crying “the sky is falling” literally!  I really do think the World has gone mad!

There was an old campaign slogan by one of our Political parties years ago saying that if the other party gOt in “would the last person leaving the country switch the lights off”!!!!  It was a great slogan and that Party subsequently won the election but with all the chaos at the moment, it really does feel like that now!!!!

Having had a very busy but productive week last week, not so much this!!  It is one of those taking two steps forward, four back!!!!  Hey ho.


All Treacle is worried about is the continuous supply of her Bonios!!!! 

Youngest has tablets from the Doctor for his chest infection and is beginning to feel a little better but Treacle is happy that he is at home for snuggles.  However my dryer will not be fixed now until a week today as the part has to come from Germany and then the engineer cannot get here until next week, Grr.  However the weather is supposed to be nice again at the weekend so hopefully I will be able to get all the washing dried outside!!!!

Yep it’s definitely one of Those Weeks!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “The World Gone Mad!

  1. farmquilter

    I hear you about the politics, Susie!! Our Congress is just as insane as your Parliament. They make crazy accusations and come up with the most lunatic of plans to “change the world”. I’m beginning to think that being certifiably insane is a requirement for being in politics. Over here, the politicians who are Democrats hate the President, who is Republican, so much that all they seem to concentrate on is trying to take him down. They just need to get on with the business of governing our country instead of tearing it apart. I don’t know when these crazy years will end and where we will be when they do. Sorry your dryer is taking forever to get repaired, but at least you have a clothesline to use!! I have to hang clothes on the rod over my tub when my dryer is sick here at my dad’s house!

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