MoneyBank Savings.

Last July (where did the Year go?) I signed up for the 6th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge at Val’s Quilting Studio here.  Well on Saturday we Opened them to see how much money we have saved over the year, to spend on anything Quilt related.  Last year I did well and the money I saved I took to the Festival of Quilts show in Birmingham at the beginning of August.  Well I intend to do the same this year.


Here is my Piggy Bank, Mr Pig!  Actually he was my Grandmother’s Mr Pig.

Piggy Bank Money 2019

I have emptied him and over the year I changed the coins into notes as he is not a very big piggy and he was getting full with the coins!!!! 

Anyhoo I have a grand total of £150 ($188) and can’t wait to spend it at the upcoming quilt show!  In fact I do need some more material for Eldest and Fiancé’s wedding quilt which I have almost got the top pieced.  I need some more material for the back and I got all the material for the quilt at the show last year. 

I love the idea of saving your change and any spare money you have for quilting projects and of course if you want to save for something big what a great way of saving for it.  I will show you what I buy eventually.

Hop on over to Val’s blog to see how everyone else has done.

Hugs, Susie xx

5 thoughts on “MoneyBank Savings.

  1. Tami Von Zalez

    Wow! Would love to see what you do buy with your savings. Will you show the wedding quilt also?

  2. val

    Oh the quilt show will be even more fun having your piggy savings in hand!! Thanks for joining the challenge. I ended up saving $105.00 myself and will be able to get those shelves built in my sewing room! YEAH!!!

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