Paperwork up to my Ears!!!


Sorry for lack of posts but Monday and Tuesday flew by with mounds and mounds of paperwork!!!  Monday I also had an appointment at our local hospital for a check up but the parking is so bad you either have to go two hours before hand to try and get a parking space or you get your DH to drop you off and pick you up again!!

When we got back we had to do a lot of paperwork for the swimming club!  It is the annual quality submission and I had got most of it done but then DH had to do some of it as he is Chairman.  We didn’t finish until 9.00pm and I got caught out again with how light at night it is and couldn’t believe it was 9.00pm!!!!!


Yesterday DH and I were busy all day doing the Books for our Business and getting all the budgets and financial things set.  We have had to upload new accounts software as our Government has now decided that all communications with them now have to come through the software which has caused another set of issues.  We managed to get the software loaded and I have now done June’s figures onto it so hopefully we won’t have any problems.  The fist challenge will be when we have to do the first communication which will be in September!!!!!


Treacle has loved it because Daddy has been at home for two days!!!  The weather has been dreadful over the last few days with constant rain so she has not enjoyed being dried every time she comes in!!!!   The forecast for the rest of the week is hopefully sunny and warm and Saturday it is supposed to be really hot!!!  We have a bit more work to do in the garden and then Sunday it is the start of Carnival in the Village.  I won’t be going as I have some projects to finish quilting!!!! 


I am so happy to have got those two big paperwork jobs completed.  If we don’t get it done then it just bumps into other jobs and then we get behind!!!  Tomorrow I have got house jobs to do and grocery shopping and Friday I have to meet some people for them to do some jobs before the Carnival!!! 

I hope your week is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

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