Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.

Sorry this post is a few days late but Friday last turned into a bit of chaos and ended with me having afternoon tea with my good friend Jayne whose Birthday was last week.  We usually try and go out for lunch to celebrate our Birthdays (a week apart) but she and I are too busy, so we are going to try and go next month.



Anyway on to this month’s book – George R R Martin’s prequel to his amazing Game of Thrones series “Fire and Blood” about Daennerys’ ancestors The Targaryens.  It is set 300 years before Game of Thrones and begins with Aegon The Conqueror who fashioned the Iron Throne.  It follows the family and shows how we got to Game of Thrones through 736 pages!  As you can imagine it is a long book and I have it in hard back so it will take me a while to get through this but am really looking forward to it as I think Martin is a great story teller, even if he does kill your favourite characters off!!!!!!


There are some lovely illustrations in the book.

I will let you know how I get on with it.  My only problem with the book will be that it is so big I will have a job reading it when I am in the bath!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend a looking forward to a good week.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I used to love to read in the bath…for hours! I would occasionally read myself to sleep and end up with the book taking a dip in the water, so I’m willing to risk a paperback book, but not a hardback book!!

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