Final Chelsea Pictures.

Here are my final pictures of the Chelsea Flower Show for 2019. 

Below is the Pennard Plants stand which is all about edible plants and vegetables and set up like a war time garden. 


The two pictures below is a stand where every plant is edible mainly herbs and spices as well as the few plants.


Above is the Memorial to David Austin of David Austin Roses who passed away last year.


The pictures below were all from the Birmingham City Council stand which was developed by Floella Benjamin who has had a very long career working with Children, beginning with presenting “Playschool” on BBC1.  The theme for the stand was to do with re-cycling things and protecting the Earth.


There were several clay figures on the stand and here is Floella presenting the “Playschool” Story with Humpty Dumpty on her knee.


It was a stunning stand with lots of colour.

My bit of information today on my calendar is this :

27 Million: The number of people in the United Kingdom who report participating in gardening activities – more than 40 percent of the total population.

The big message from the Chelsea Flower Show this year was to do with mental health and the benefits that gardening can have for people who are suffering with any form of mental trauma be it ever so mild or a huge thing in their lives. 

Being out in the fresh air and creating something with their hands can help people to focus on wellbeing and ease any trauma.  Thus the RHS are promoting gardening at every opportunity and for everyone from young children to the elderly. 

Our Boys loved gardening with us and had their own patch to plant and grow whatever they liked.  They would spend hours outside in the garden during the weekends and holidays and like Treacle, it would be hard to get them in, in the evening!!!!  I love gardening which I got from my Grandfather when I spent my holidays with them and helping him doing all sorts, including vegetable growing.

I hope you enjoy the last of the pictures, a few of you have commented how much you have loved seeing them.  DH and I are planning on going to the RHS Flower Show at Chatsworth next year which is just up the road from us and perhaps Gardener’s World show in Birmingham too.

Treacle has let me have today’s blog so she will be here tomorrow.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Simply gorgeous displays! I love and appreciate a beautiful garden…I’m not great at devoting the time necessary to having my garden be gorgeous!! There is always something competing for the best times to garden…like quilting or riding my horse!! Those are best done in the morning in summer, along with playing in the garden, otherwise it is too hot! I guess I could get an air conditioner for my quilting room so it wouldn’t be around 100 degrees up there in the afternoons – sweating on quilts I am quilting just isn’t a good idea!! I do enjoy growing a garden of things I can eat or can…I do miss that and will have a garden again when I get home!

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