Spring Cleaning Day!



I have been continuing with the Spring Cleaning jobs today doing one at a time.  All the pots in our Dining Room Dresser are now washed, I am so glad we have a dishwasher though!!!  We do have some pots, which we have inherited from our families, which can only be washed by hand and that does take a while.

I have also managed to get all the silver, brass and copper cleaned; I did watch a film in our kitchen whilst I was doing that job.


All our glassware has been run through the dishwasher on the gentle setting and are all now sparkly!!!!!


I don’t think I ever showed you this piece of glassware (below) that we were given by DH’s Cousins when his Aunt passed.  It is a lovely cheese plate which we use when we have friends for dinner.


It has all the names of different cheeses on!


Treacle has been busy following me about our home as I have been collecting things for washing and then putting them back again!!!!

Still have lots to do towards the Spring Cleaning but I am ticking them off my list slowly one by one!!!!  I will need DH to help with the big jobs, such as moving the furniture, but we have another long weekend at the end of this month when he will be able to help me then.

I hope your Tuesday is going well, because we had yesterday off as a holiday I will be at sixes and sevens all week with the days!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Day!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Your crystal is so pretty. Love the cheese plate! Spring cleaning is a LOT of work but it does make you feel better when everything is all clean and shiny!

  2. farmquilter

    You are making great progress!! It does feel good to cross off items on your to-do list, doesn’t it? My to-do for today is to turn on the sprinkler system and put some fertilizer/weed killer on the lawn…not really something I want to do either!! Love that cheese plate!! It is so fun to have pieces with family history that you can use and add to the story. Your glassware looks amazing!

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