Clocks Go Forward!


Our Clocks go forward tonight one hour and it takes me until they go back again to catch up!!!!!!

I love the lighter mornings and longer evenings but the first week when we move the hour on is horrendous, especially with me still waking up at 3.00am every night!  I really want to see only one 3 in a day, 3.00pm!!!!!!

Hey ho, at least it means I will be able to get lots done in the evenings now!!!

Sleepy Susie!!!!! xx

2 thoughts on “Clocks Go Forward!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m loving the lighter evenings!! I quite wish we could stay on DST all the time! I hope you are able to sleep later than 3 every night this week!!! Getting up early does have benefits in giving you lots of quiet time to get things done, but I always need a nap later in the day and that messes with everything!! Looks like it should be a nice day for you today!! I’m watching the webcam at Port Isaac…love Doc Martin!


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