A Dog’s Eye View of Brexit on The Wednesday Wag!


There is a lot of talk about this thing called Brexit and as far as I am concerned the biggest concern is my Bonios!  Now Bonios are made by a company whose base is in America!  So we should be okay however the parent company is in Switzerland and of course they are in the EU!  This is where my problems may begin as we have not agreed a proper exit from the EU.  So what is going to happen about my Bonios?  Will there be a shortage?  Will we have to get them on the black market?  Will the price go through the roof?  A dog needs these answers!

Mom says that my Bonio box is full and I have another new box in our store cupboard so I am good for a few months as I have one a day but that does not seem very long.  I think I will have to dig into my savings and ask her to order me two more boxes, I mean I know we are not supposed to stock pile food but really they are an essential part of my diet!!!


I have had to retire to Mom and Dad’s bed to contemplate this terrible news! 

Mom keeps saying she is going to make me some biscuits of a recipe she has found especially for us doggies so I think I am going to have to encourage her to do that, as I cannot be without my lunchtime biscuit.


I mean who could deny this face her biscuits?  Surely not these stupid politicians that are supposed to be running our country but seem to be out for their own ends rather than the people they are supposed to be representing!!!!!! 

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I am off my soap box now and having a snooze!  It is all just too much!

Happy Wednesday Wag!

Woof Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “A Dog’s Eye View of Brexit on The Wednesday Wag!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    OMD, this is a catastrophe, Treacle! You absolutely CANNOT be without your biscuits! Thank doG your mom has agreed to bake for you! Gosh, you will be tastetesting lots of new recipes. How lucky are you!

  2. farmquilter

    Well, I can’t find Bonios in the USA…I wonder if they call it something else here, like Milk Bones!! I think the politicians here are the same as there…only out for themselves and those that “buy” them. It is quite frustrating, to be sure. I hope you get a stash of biscuits…why aren’t you supposed to have a stash of food?? My “fruit room” at the farm looks a bit like a small market, but when I’m there, I only grocery shop 4 times a year at the most. We get fresh fruits/vegetables/milk from the little store in town, but the rest comes out of my pantry or freezers. Quite nice to have a stash when a disaster strikes.

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