Weekend Quilting.

DH was out all weekend and so was Youngest which was great as I got to play in my sewing room all weekend.  I managed to get Treacle’s new quilt finished.


Sorry the pictures are a little blurry but it was last night when I was taking them and it was dark outside.  I got the material from my trip to the Festival of Quilts show last August.


This is the back and the picture below is the closest of the dogs which look like Treacle except for the white flash!


Below is the quilt in situ.  This is where Treacle lies which she chose when she was a puppy as she can see all the rooms in our downstairs when she lies here.


Here she is, half on her new quilt.


As you can see, being an Airedale, it is never perfect!!!!


However she loves being covered in it.


“Thanks Mom for my new quilt!”


Next weekend it is the same thing a second weekend of swimming so I will have time to play with more fabric.  I have the fabric, again from the Festival of Quilts, to make Eldest and Fiance a wedding quilt and also my scrap box to cut into different sizes and colourse, so I may do a bit of both!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Weekend Quilting.

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle’s new quilt is fabulous!! It is always nice to have a new quilt. I just got finished shoveling the 4″ of new snow…yay for getting up early! Forty feet of snow up in the mountains so far this winter and a new storm is lined up to roll in on Wednesday. Any snow for you this winter? Treacle would be having a blast in my yard right now!! Shocker here, I’ve actually been turning on and using my sewing machine every day!!

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