Treacle was far too snuggled yesterday to do her Wednesday Wag. May be something to do with the fact I have been getting up at 4.30am so I can go and get Eldest and get him to work!!!  I am feeling, shall we say, a little tired now!!!!  Last day for doing this is tomorrow when he hopefully gets his car back.  They have been waiting for parts to be delivered and it is that which has taken the time!!!

Henry 8th

In 2005 DH was at another Exhibition in London during the February Half Term holiday from school so whilst he was there I took the Boys around London.  One of our visits was to Madam Tussauds and the Planetarium, which they loved.  Here they are with Henry VIII and his six wives.  I always loved taking the Boys to these sort of things and the rest of the week we went to the Natural History Museum and the British library.  Of course we did all the museums several times over as the Boys grew as they got different things from them at different ages.

The weather here has gotten a little warmer again but lots and lots of rain and also high winds!  I think it may be an early Spring as Phil predicted at this rate and certainly my bulbs are all coming up, especially my snowdrops!  Not much chance of snow though!

As the weather is still not good I am taking the opportunity of carrying on with my de-cluttering programme in our home.  DH and I did our Den which is where we work at home and got rid of a lot of things; papers, magazines and things which we have kept and used but did not require any more.  Papers we shredded and magazines went in the re-cycling basket and although our office was tidy it is now clear of a lot of papers.  My next room to do is our bedroom and dressing room, before our new bed arrives in a couple of months.  Just before it is due to arrive I will also Spring clean it as well so it will be ready for when they deliver the new bed.  


My next job after that will be our bookcases.  Again there are some books I can donate and generally tidy them up and it is also a good excuse for me to dig out some books I have not read in a while to re-read!!!!

Tomorrow I have some errands to run and generally sort some things out before the weekend and then DH is out on Saturday afternoon/evening so I will be getting Treacle’s quilt finished.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.  Tomorrow is Book Club Day!

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Your bookcases look wonderful, but finding old favorites to read is always a good thing in my book!! The snow storm that dumped 6-11 feet of snow in the mountains this past weekend has pretty much vacated the valley, but there is a new storm scheduled to come in this weekend. We’ll see if there is more snow in the valley then…Tara really hopes it doesn’t! I’m looking forward to seeing Treacle’s new quilt!!

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