Christmas & New Year.

Happy New Year from DH, Eldest & Fiancé, Youngest, Treacle and I.

I hope you lovely lot all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!  We did have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and also technology free as far as possible.  DH finished on December 21st as the companies we work with and obviously visit all closed down for the fortnight and so we decided to use our computers/phones/emails etc as little as possible and it was great.

I can now show you the quilty things I was working on for Christmas as the ladies have now opened them! One of these, I call them Candle Mats, was sent to DH’s two cousins, Judy and Elaine who I actually saw before Christmas and had a lovely few hours with them and to my very, very good friends Jayne, who I lunch with (!) and to Sue and Susan.


Unfortunately I did not get DH and the Boys mats finished.  Their material for the Christmas parcel has cars and trucks on with Christmas Trees so I will get them done after!!!!!

I won’t do a super long post today but spread Christmas and New Year out over the next few days, otherwise you may get a little jaded with all the pictures.

On Friday December 21st it was the Swimming Club’s Presentation Night where all the swimmers get their trophies etc It was the most of amount of attendees we have ever had with 290 of swimmers/parents/siblings/grandparents etc.  We were so squashed in it was amazing and I had to sit on the stage with DH as there was no more room!!!  They all had a wonderful evening and we did not, this year, run out of food, so everyone got to eat, including The Committee (we ran out of food last year!!!)


The weather up to Christmas was really wet and miserable and Treacle was really fed up with being dried every time she set paw outside!!!


However she soon got over it and spent most of her time in her basket by my desk, she really is a fair weather Girl!!!!!

Today I am taking our decorations down, a job I hate as I just love the way our home looks with them up, because tomorrow night and all day Sunday is the Swimming Club Open where again we are full of swimmers and swims, which is why we are swimming on Saturday evening as well!!  We even have a swimmer who is here on holiday for Christmas from Australia who is competing!!!!  It will be very long evening and day so the decorations have to come down today and I will be cleaning our Home from top to bottom tomorrow morning and doing the ironing so we will be all straight for Monday. 

Tomorrow I will show you some more of our Christmas.  Have a great day, It’s Friday!!!!!

Hugs & New Year Love

Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Christmas & New Year.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Mom and I just love our candle mat and it’s displayed proudly in our kitchen. You do such beautiful work, Miss Susie and we thank you 87,000 times over! Wow – that is a LOT of swimmers! Mom has begun taking down Christmas too. She has a hard time removing the garlands as everything looks so bare once they’re down.

  2. farmquilter

    I also love my candle mat and have it proudly sitting in the middle of the coffee table in the living room with a lovely candle on it! I love my “package”!! I’m thinking it will be staying out all year long. I’m glad you were tech free for most of the holiday…so smart as the people connections are the important ones! Of course, tech is the only current way I have to stay in touch!! Have a great weekend with all the swimmers…what will you do with all your extra time when you are no longer involved with the swimmers? Poor Treacle…we are supposed to be getting rain and wind this weekend and Tara will hate going out! Today it is almost 50 and the sun is shining, so I best get her out there!

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