It’s Almost Christmas, Yeah!

I am busy crossing off items on my very long “To Do” List as well as the rest of the family adding things onto the bottom of it!!!!  Any hoo I thought today, as all the things I am doing are for Christmas but not very Christmassy, I would share some Christmas Pictures. 

Only SEVEN days to go to the Big Day!!! Oh My!!!!!  Enjoy !


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I have this picture of The Boys and Treacle in a frame in our sitting room as I just love it.  They are both smiling (!) and Treacle is just about sat for all of two seconds before racing off to play in the snow again.  I so remember taking the picture!!! It is from 2010!

Happy Christmas Hugs, Love Susie xx


2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Christmas, Yeah!

  1. farmquilter

    Beautiful Christmassy pictures!! I also love the picture of the boys with Treacle! We are expecting a storm this weekend and on Christmas Day!! Looks like we just might get a white Christmas!! YAY!! Of course, Tara will hate it! One week to go and I am still missing the Christmas spirit…especially since hubby sent me a gift that landed on my porch at 7 AM on Saturday, but wasn’t there when I went out to get the paper at 7:15. Dratted porch pirates!!

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