To Read.

As I didn’t get chance to go to the Book Store on holiday with one thing and another I went when all the children were back at school.  It was lovely and quiet and so I spent a happy few hours browsing.

I found a few of my favourite authors had published new books so I got those and also a few books of a couple of authors I have missed their newest works.  Anyway that means this :


Sorry it’s a bit blurry!!  But a whole bookshelf of new books to read, what a great sight!!!!

Obviously these will appear as I complete each one, on my monthly Friday Book Club, the second Friday of each month!!

It has been a very strange and busy old week but I can honestly say I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and it is the weekend!!!!!!  I know we are not supposed to wish the weeks away but this one can be gone as quickly as possible as far as I am concerned!!

I hope your week is going better than mine!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xxx


Chatsworth Library, again!  I am thinking of putting up some lights halfway up my bookshelves!!!!  Might look for the lights in the sale after Christmas for next year, watch this space, tee hee!!!!!


3 thoughts on “To Read.

  1. val

    I’m having one of those weeks too….love the idea of lights in your bookcase. ENJOY your future reading. 🙂

  2. farmquilter

    When you are experiencing one of “those” days or weeks, take a few minutes to yourself, sit, close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting with a cuppa in the library at Chatsworth. Breathe in the smell of those wonderful books for a short time and your perception of your reality will change just enough to get things started back to the right path. I know that the Chatsworth library is one of your favorite places!! Or use your favorite outdoor place to be (toes in the sand of an empty ocean beach, maybe??) and let your imagination take you there long enough for your stress level to drop so you can get on with things with a lighter heart and a spring in your step. The lights half way up the bookcases are beautiful…great idea!!

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