Saturday in London.

We had a lovely evening on the Friday and our room at the Hotel was really nice.  Here are a few pictures :

We fell into bed around 11.00pm and were fast asleep when at 2.15am the fire alarm woke us up with a start!!!!  DH threw a dressing gown and slippers at me whilst I was still half asleep and said come on, leave everything, however I did get my bag and my jewellery!!!!  By the time we got into the corridor we were told it was a false alarm but unfortunately they could not switch the alarms off!  IT was so penetrating that we had to leave our room and went downstairs to the lounge where it was less noisy.  They brought us a pot of tea and some of the others were drinking alcohol!!!  It was an hour and a half before we got back to our room, which was then thankfully quiet!!! 

Needless to say everyone was late up the next morning for breakfast!


After breakfast we had a wander around the stores, particularly Harrods & Harvey Nichols and found some great little things for The Boys and their Girls for Christmas, which is what I wanted.  However it was very, very busy with people Christmas shopping.  We got back to the hotel around 3.00pm and had a rest before having dinner in the Hotel Restaurant. 

As you can see DH was tired!!!!  I was asleep on the bed!!!!!!!


This is the Dining Room at the Hotel where we had a lovely dinner.  Interestingly they do not allow phones in the room to be used, so no photos of our dinner, which was worthy of the odd picture or two but I am sure they are protecting their creativity!  I had risotto for my starter and chicken for my main and DH had smoked salmon to start and Dover Sole for main and it was delish and very filling!  We just had coffee afterwards.

We were thinking of then changing and going out to see all the Christmas lights but it was just too late and we were too tired!!!  We again fell into bed around 11.00pm but I then woke up again at 4.00am after the previous nights entertainment!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will show you our Sunday in London.  I know it should be The Wednesday Wag but I have given Treacle the day off, she is still recovering from the weekend too!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Saturday in London.

  1. farmquilter

    Gorgeous room…are those truffles??? When I was house sitting for Tristan in her apartment in Florida, someone pulled the fire alarm twice in one week…2 AM for one and 5 AM for the other. I wanted to string someone up!! Do you know how hard it is to get a terrified cat into a carrier with that horrible noise going off? Never knowing if it was real or not, the dog and cat were stuffed into crates and put safely in my car…less noise for them and they could not escape in their terror. Once when I was a teaching assistant for a professor, we were out of town with the class (60 adults)…I was in bed, fire alarm goes off…no wrap so my bedspread became the fashion of the night, and I could not convince him to leave his slot machine even though there really was a fire in the kitchen of the hotel/casino!! Crazy!! However, it is those bizarre things that happen to us on trips that really make them memorable!! Glad you are home to the quiet!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    How awful that the fire alarm went off but thankfully, it was a false alarm. Everything is just beautiful and you look like you and DH were truly spoiled, which is as it should be.

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