A November Tuesday.

It is getting very dark in the evenings now, quite early as we head for December but in some ways it is quite nice as the curtains are closed and lights on which always makes it better.  Yesterday was a typical, for Britain, dank November day where it was misty and very dark all day, so the lights were on all day whilst I was working at my desk.  Treacle was not bothered as she was fast asleep in her basket.


Notice the ear is up for her “early warning system” ie although she is asleep she can hear what is going off at all times!!!! Tee hee!!!


This is the new terracota pot and stick over the hole where my washing pole goes into the ground. We have done this because last year we “lost” the hole come Spring as the grass had covered it over.  Treacle keeps trying to bite it, which I tell her off for because of her teeth, but as you can see she has been chewing the stick!!!!  Anyway the reason I am showing you this is because it looks like a Fairy house!!!  I thought of making a little sign saying “For Rent”.

We had the swimming AGM last night which went on longer than anticipated so DH and I didn’t get back until late and we still had not had dinner!!!!  Today it has been work all day and then I have some errands to run tomorrow and then DH and I are out in the evening at a Christmas event.  I am hoping to get lots of pictures to show you.

Bonfire Night seemed to go off with a bang (!) but not too many fireworks so I think that will be it now until New Year!  Treacle doesn’t bother with them much, or barks at them and Youngest was in last night so she was happy about that.

I hope your week is progressing well. 

Hugs, Susie xx


Yes I know it’s a Christmas picture!!!!  But all the stores are doing it?!!!!! The Boys are nine and thirteen here!!!!! 

2 thoughts on “A November Tuesday.

  1. farmquilter

    Bright sunshine and 56 degrees here! Typical weather for here as well. At home it is a little cooler and cloudy, with the possibility of snow later this week. Farmers always hope for a nice layer of snow before the bitingly cold days of winter really set in – insulation for the seeds already in the ground! The boys have certainly grown up! Treacle and Tara have the same idea of how to spend the days…sleeping in their comfy beds!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    That’s how we like it too now that it gets dark earlier – drawn curtains and autumn tree lights that make it festive. You are such a darling, Treacle, and your brothers were such cute little guys!

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