Happy November!


Happy November everyone and I cannot believe that it is the eleventh month of the year already!  However when I look back at everything that has happened so far this year, it has been really, really busy so no wonder the weeks just fly by.

We had lots of Trick-a-Treaters last night, it being Half Term here in Derbyshire, so no school the next day.  We almost ran out of sweets and that was eight bags gone!!!  I do hope they all clean their teeth well!!!!!

I am busy making lists again as I have lots to do and you know how it is, I don’t want to forget anything and feel that I will, unless I do my lists!!!!  Is it a sign of old age or as DH says more likely that I have too much on!!!!

Today I am going to start wrapping all the Advent Calendars and then I have our Christmas Cake to make and the Christmas puddings to do so they have time to mature before the Big Day!  I always make them during Half Term when the Boys were at school as I had more time and they always helped.

This is also our Anniversary Month and DH and I have lots of things planned and hopefully we will get lots of pictures.  The main event being our weekend in London during the middle of the month, can’t wait.

Have a great day, you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    We had less then 20 kids last night, and teens were about equal to littles. Enjoy your anniversary month!

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