Happy Saturday!


Happy Weekend everyone, my computer is now back after its upgrade and DH has just had to sort a few things out and I think we are now back to where we were; just faster!!!!  I will update you next week on what has been going off but here are a few things for today!


Tonight we gain an extra hour of sleep as our Clocks go back one hour to GMT!  Yes!  I really do miss that hour!!!  I know it means that it will get dark earlier and earlier but I really don’t mind and for a while we will have light mornings again so there is a benefit!!


Whilst my computer was having a tune up I had my very own mini quilt retreat in my sewing room and I got lots done on my Christmas gifts.  I can’t show you anything unfortunately as quite a few who they are for read my blog, tee hee, so I am afraid you will have to wait until after Christmas!!!!!  I am really enjoying the process though. Speaking of quilting I will be in there again later as DH is out tonight at an event where he is announcing, so it will be the perfect time to get some more done.


We have been very spoilt with all the nice weather we have had in October with it being warm and then sunny and mild for a few weekends which was great getting the last of the garden jobs done.  Today it is really cold!!!!  We were out last night at a friend’s retirement party in his field (he owns a big farm in our village) There was a huge bonfire, fireworks and a BBQ to celebrate their retirement and although having gone with thick jacket, gloves, scarf, thick socks and boots etc I was still frozen!!!!  I think I have just about warmed up!  It was a good evening.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Don’t forget to put your clocks Back!!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Our clocks go back next weekend and I don’t mind that it gets darker earlier either. The lights on my autumn tree make me smile. We have heavy rain and wind today and we missed our morning walk, which doesn’t make me or Molly happy. Oh well. Have fun in your sewing room, Miss Susie!

  2. farmquilter

    Sunny and 78 here today…tomorrow the cold descends and will probably hang on until spring! I’m quite tired of the sun going down so early…I miss the sun being out late in the evenings!! I’m trying to complete so many things before my surgery on Thursday morning – you remember all the stuff you need to do before “the day”. Ugh! Enjoy your sewing and I’m looking forward to seeing all your creativity!!

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