Oh Good Grief!!!


I get between 60 and 70 emails a day being work or private and I came down first thing this morning and started to sort them, the first one however was “Welcome to Christmas”!!!!!!  IT’S ONLY JUST OCTOBER!!!!!!!

I know the retailers have had a hard few months but I don’t think sending out Christmas emails just yet will encourage us to spend. Anyway I think most sensible people will just buy what they are going to buy for Christmas and that’s it, whether they spend it now or nearer to the Big Day!  I usually start in November and I already know what I am getting everyone, which I think makes it a lot easier.  I have arranged to go Christmas shopping with my good friend Jayne on November 20th and that will be it, besides the things I need to buy over the internet.  I do love seeing all the shop displays and the lights.


Also DH and I are going down to London on November 16th to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary so we will probably do some Christmas shopping then.  I am really hoping that they have the Christmas lights switched on down there by then too. 

When we celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary we did the whole of November, Friday and Saturday evenings going out and doing different things and I decided we should do that again ten years later.  So much better than buying gifts.  I have arranged to for a Twilight visit to Chatsworth House to see their Christmas displays on November 23rd, we will also go to the cinema, which was our second date, and go out for dinner in Nottingham, our home town, and a few other things which I can’t mention here as himself reads my blog!!!!!!  Really looking forward to it!


This is my job this afternoon!  Youngest came back from a visit to see Girlfriend with a huge pile of washing, DH seems to have worn a shirt for work and a shirt in the evening every day so that’s about 10 to iron (!) fortunately Treacle’s beds do not need ironing!!!!

DH is out tonight at two meetings, one early on and then a swimming meeting later, so it will be a quick dinner this evening and I can then finish the baby quilt.  The baby will be here before I know it!!!!  I then need to move on to my Christmas projects!

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


I know, I couldn’t resist adding this picture!  It’s not Christmasy per se but I just love the snow and lights, tee hee!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Oh Good Grief!!!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    We are not ready for Christmas – we are still waiting for the beautiful autumn foliage, which the weather peeps are saying will happen near the end of this month. It sounds like you have very fun plans for November, Miss Susie!

  2. farmquilter

    I rather wish all the Christmas stuff would wait until after Thanksgiving (the middle of November, at least!), but they should certainly wait until after Halloween!! It feels as through they are shoving the next “buying opportunity” at us earlier and earlier!! Darn near every month they have something we MUST buy a gift for someone for! I would rather make gifts, so my thoughts of those start in January!! With 7 kids, 5 grands (6 is on the way), his parents, his 2 sisters and their families (13)…CRAZY!!!!! Enjoy the pretty lights and fun of London when you celebrate!!

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