A Surprise Visit.

Warning: Picture Heavy Post!


DH as a surprise for me got me tickets to go to the Quilt show above which was actually on whilst we were away!!!  The show is always on in August but the date moves each year so sometimes I am able to go before we go away and sometimes it is on while we are away but this year I got to go and DH came with me too.

As with previous years I only took pictures of the Quilts I loved the most.  There were a lot more quilts entered this year which was great to see bu here are my favourites :

Two Person Quilts.


Cotton Reels & Thread by Natalie Taylor and Frances Meredith of Bristol.  I love these cotton reel quilts and it is definitely on my “To Do” list


Walking The Great Glen Way by Catherine Tyndall & Rachel Tyndall of Nottingham.  I love this and had to include this a we are staying at Inverness, my most favourite part of the country.


Heart of the Midlands by Greta Fitchett & Mike Fitchett of Derby.  Our home town but I love the quilt too.


Higher Ground by Mary Mattimoe & Regina Carter of Newmarket.  I just love the colours in this quilt.


Journey of a Quilter by Nicola Foreman & Janette Chilver of Woodbridge.  This was  BOM and I again I love the colours.


Freedom Bound by Janet Edwards & Cath Brough of Freckleton.  I love the colours again in this quilt along with the pattern.

Modern Quilts.


Christmas by Pauline Tiney of Bournemouth.  Christmas fabrics are always a favourite for me, love this.


Travel Colours Your World by Susan Tabor of Saffron Walden.  Susan’s favourite cities which we worked out as Paris, Seattle, New York and London, do you agree?


Falling Leaves by Olena Pugachova of Dublin.  Very appropriate for this time of year as we are going into Autumn, I just love the blue background.


In the Time of the Butterflies by Freya Askham of Buckingham.  The butterflies which then make the big butterfly in the middle, so clever.

Miniature Quilts.


View from my Window by Wendy Nganasurian of Dingwall.  Again not far from where we stay in The Highlands and I just love the kitty and all in miniature.


Sunset or Fire? by Roberta Le Poidevin of St Pierre du Bois.  An amazing quilt and I choose to see it as sunset!


Tranquility by Fehmeeda Majid of London.  I just love the colours in this quilt and all small-sized too.


Memories of the Farne Islands by Judith Beevor of Romsey.  Puffins one of my favourite birds.


Stourhead by Maureen Hanson of Melksham.  Creating a quilt picture is amazing but then recreating the picture as in water, even more amazing.

I have lots more quilts to show you, but have decided to split it in two so I will put the rest up tomorrow.  There were lots to see and do at the show and of course I also bought some fabric which I will also show you tomorrow.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I thought San Francisco, not New York…because of the bridge! I’ll admit, I’ve been to San Fransisco, not New York, so that may color my identification!! The other cities, I agree with you. I think my favorites are the city skylines and the butterfly quilt. I can’t wait to see the other pictures you have from the show! I loved the miniatures I saw there when I got to go to the Birmingham Quilt Festival!!

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