We Are Back!


Hi Everyone, we are back and have been back for a week but it has taken me that long to catch up on all the business work as well as home things and the washing and ironing!!!  Sometimes I wonder if it is worth going away on vacation.

It was not the best of holidays as DH was poorly for the whole two weeks with either a salivary gland infection or a tooth infection, our dentist is not sure!  Anyway he could not eat properly at all and lived on soup, porridge and rice pudding and two courses of antibiotics and pain killers!!!  I, too, managed to break a tooth whilst we were away and also got a UTI!!!!  You see holidays are no good for you!!!  So DH and I spent time last week visiting the Doctor and Dentist!!!

We did go out and about despite our problems and have quite a few pictures to show you which I will do over the next few days. 

A Big Thank you to all who voted for Treacle on the Pets on Quilts show and to all who contacted me, I will get around to emailing everyone and sorry I did not do that at the time but the internet connection in The Highlands of Scotland is not good.


I did also get some sewing done whilst we were away and I will be able to show you some of them, but others are for Christmas so I am afraid you will have to wait.  The above picture is the view from the room I was sewing in!  I think I am going to have this printed and put in front of my sewing machine in Eldest’s room where I sew now.  The best bit about where we go, the silence.  There are no cars, neighbours or people at all just the sheep and that is what I treasure the most and hang on to now we are back!!!

IMG_1836Loch Ness from Fort Augustus end.

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures of the vacation. 

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I am so sorry your holidays were fraught with medical issues!! Never fun, no matter when, but when they strike on holiday, they seem to be worse! I hope you get everything straightened around now that you are home. I know I always feel like I need an extra week to recover from vacation! Glad you are home – been thinking about you!

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