National Book Lovers Day.

August 9th 2018


Did you know that there is a National Book Lovers Day?  Well I didn’t until I stumbled across a website for it and it is on August 9th each year.


Despite modern technology sales of actual books are up compared to downloading books which I think is a great piece of news.  DH and the Boys wanted to buy me an E-Reader when they first came out as I love books as you know, but using a screen all day everyday I do not want to then read my books on a screen.  I know that you can take over 1000 books with you on an E-Reader and that would be impossible with actual books, but there is something about holding a book and reading it.  Plus I read in the bath, so not so good with electronic readers!!!!!

I also think that books make a room feel cosy, even just a few, if you are lucky enough to have bookshelves laden with books then that is my perfect room.


I was very lucky as a child to have a very good public library near to where we lived and I spent every Saturday afternoon there choosing books to read for the week, along with my parents who were also big readers.  I also spent my pocket money on books and had quite a collection, which has carried on as I grew older.  I always have a book with me just in case I have five minutes in which to read.

I was lucky when I met DH that he too loves books and we have passed this on to the Boys, who both could read before they started school and have loved books all their lives and have their own collections.  It was great to see how their choices changed as they grew older.


On my Blog we have the monthly Friday Book Club where I review books that I have read and think you would like too and also I have a list of the books I have read during the year with a little review.

We are on our family vacation during National Book Lovers Day and I will definitely be taking a lot of books away with me and I also got some Book Tokens for my Birthday so I can spend a happy few hours in the book shop getting a few more!  My friends always ask me what I want for my Birthday and I always say Book Tokens as I love choosing books and some think it is boring always getting me the same present but it isn’t at all.


So I hope National Book Lovers Day inspires you to pick up a book and spend a happy few hours reading; I will be joining you.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx

PS.  Tomorrow would normally be Friday Book Club Day, but we are away on Vacation and I am busy reading, tee hee!!!!  I will be back on September 14th with a review of my favourite book from the Summer.

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  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Mom has been reading non-stop and is loving every minute of it! Happy Book Lover’s Day, Miss Susie! We think about you often and hope that you are having a blast on your vaca!

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